We are contacting you to let you know that our offices have fallen victim to burglary on Christmas Eve. The thieves stole parts of our Web Auction 6 (9 December 2018), which were currently being prepared for post Christmas-shipment.

An excel-list with short descriptions of all missing coins and pictures of nine higher value items have been attached to this notice (see below). A full list of all 586 stolen lot numbers including pictures and short descriptions can be fe found here: https://leunumismatik.com/9382hf3wj98fcwq0u721sdcc

We urge you have a look at the stolen lots. Reselling thieved ancient coins is not easy – should you be offered any of the missing items or be able to provide any other relevant information, we kindly ask you to contact us or the police immediately at:

Kantonspolizei Zürich
Farid Salem
Bahnhofsplatz 12
8400 Winterthur
+41 52 268 51 61

Leu Numismatik AG
Stadthausstrasse 145
8400 Winterthur
+41 52 214 11 10

We thank you for your support and attention.
Leu Numismatik AG


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