Long Beach,CA Police Department is investigating a vehicle burglary resulting in the loss of the following coins.
Photos Stolen Ancient Coins

1. Macedonia, Philip II silver tetradrachm, Pella life time issue EF 2. Roman Republican silver denarius, Musa series, muse Thalia Choice EF 3. Hadrian, silver denarius RIC 178, laureate bust, rev. seated and veiled goddess      ch EF 4. Trajan silver denarius, RIC 76, laureate bust, rev. dacian captives ch EF5. Antonius Pius bronze sestertius, RIC 717, laureate head, rev victory flying right      ch. EF6. Galba bronze sesterius, RIC 456, laureate head right, rev. victory advancing VF 7. Byzantine gold solidus, Leo I RIC 605, mint condition 8. Byzantine bronze follis, Anastius, very choice EF 9. Byzantine gold cupped hyperpyron, Christ facing, emperor Manuel reverse, SB     1956 10. Large Gold British Medal in glass lunette, 1845 Prince Albert, rev St. George          Proof 11. Historical Paper Bond Note, Greek revolution of 1824, blue print 12″ X 9″

The offense occurred after leaving the Long Beach Coin Show.
Anyone with information contact:
Doug Davis817-723-7231[email protected]

Numismatic Crime Information Center