The following coins were stolen:

1 double row box of iron and zinc Notgeld
1 double row box of hammered coin from India and surrounds
2 double row boxes of modern silver and copper-nickel crowns with sporting and animal themes
10 double row boxes of general foreign, mostly 1700ad – 2000ad including:
    about 50 Chinese cash type coins, some  1,000 – 2,000 years old
    large quantities of Brazil, Portugal, Russia and Sweden
    about 50 British Conder tokens. Several are valued at over $300
    1746 1/2 Thaler from Hall choice aUnc $2000
    City view 1/3 Thaler from Wied-Neuwied EF $900
    Gold Coast pattern 1/4 Ackey 1796 hairlined aUnc $500
 1 single row box with around 20 high grade minor coins from the German States in  the1700’s and 1800’s

 Anyone with information contact:

 Doug Davis 


[email protected]