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ARTICLE: "Medals issued by the International Association of Professional Numismatists" by Beverley Thomas Curtis

Autumn 1989

THE MEDAL No. 15, Autumn 1989 – British Art Medals Society (BAMS)

This issue has been sponsored by the International Association of Professional Numismatists

THE MEDAL is published by the British Art Medal Trust in association with FIDEM (the Fédération Intérnationale de la Médaille).

ISSN 0263-7707
Printed by: Bookmag, Inverness
Front and back covers: Leonda Fine: Virginia Woolf - A Room of One’s Own, 1989, cast bronze, 94.79 mm. (See page 99) (Photo: Bernard Palais)

IAPN Medals illustrated in this article:

 1. Fernando Calico: The Leonard Forrer Medal, first presented in gold to King Umberto II of Italy in 1971.
 2. The I.A.P.N.’s gold Badge of Honor.
 3. Fernando Calico: The 30th Assembly of the I.A.P.N., Puento Romano, Marbella 1981.
 4. Fernando Calico: The 33rd Assembly, held on a cruise ship, 1984.
 5. Fernando Calico: Xavier Calico, former president of the I.A.P.N., 1983.
     (Published by X. & F. Calico, Barcelona.)
 6. The 31st Assembly, Salzburg, 1982.
 7. Hansen: The 34th Assembly, Oslo, 1985.
 8. Osman: the 27th Assembly, Valetta, 1978.
 9. Harrison: The 35th Assembly, Kent, 1986.
10. The 24th Assembly, Edinburgh, 1975.
11. P. Lovy: The 38th Assembly, 1989.

THE MEDAL No. 11, Autumn 1987
British Art Medals Society (BAMS)

THE MEDAL is published by the British Art Medal Trust in association with FIDEM (the Fédération Intérnationale de la Médaille).

NEWS – Page 69

IAPN General Assembly, Malta, 1978
Medal by Louis Osman featuring a Maltese cross
and a representation of the Fort St. Angelo.
• Seven (7) pieces in Silver/Ag
• Eighty (80) in Bronze/AE

IAPN General Assembly, Kent, UK, 1986
Medal by Paul Harrison
• Seventy (70) pieces in Silvered Bronze (silver-plated)
• Two (2) pieces in Gilt-Bronze (gold-plated)

1952 Firenze, ITALY
IAPN Congress Badge

1956 Amsterdam
IAPN Congress Badge

Modeled after an 18th Century

Amsterdam Flour Millers' badge.

The AINP - IAPN gold
Badge of Honor

In honoring its own servants, the Association first devised a Diploma and gold Badge of Honor, and bestows the title Member of Honor, in this case upon individuals and not firms.

[Ref. The MEDAL, No 15, Autumn 1989]

1969 the Leonard S. Forrer,
IAPN Medal of Honor

Upon the death of the Association's first president in 1969, Fernando Calico was commissioned by the Association to design a medal which the I.A.P.N. offers from time to time to those who have done a special service to numismatics.

Initially, one example was struck in gold, 10 in silver, and 100 in bronze.

King Umberto II of Italy, who formed a remarkable collection of coins and medals, received a gold version upon inaugurating the 20th General Assembly of the Association in Estoril, in 1971.
[Ref. The MEDAL, No 15, Autumn 1989]

1964 London, U.K.
IAPN Congress Badge

The Association modeled this badge after a gold medallion issued to mark the Roman Emperor Constantius I'd return to London in 296 A.D.
At right is a plated electrotype from CNG Auction 299 (27 March 2013) Lot 465. >>>

Lord Hamilton of Dalzell received this badge in gold after officiating the opening of the 1964 General Assembly.

1973 Washington, D.C.
22nd General Assembly
Congress Medal

Uniface bust of the 1st U.S. President, Geo. Washington, struck by The Metal Arts Co. of New York, in 0.999 fine silver; Dia.: 32mm; Wt.: 20.5 gr.

The hosts of the 22nd General Assembly held in Washington, D.C. were the first to have a medal struck for all the participants. Since 1977, this became an annual commission.
[Ref. The MEDAL, No 15, Autumn 1989]

1975 Edinburgh, SCOTLAND
24th General Assembly
Congress Medal

The boldly simple lettering on this medal was applied by the Royal Mint to the reverse of a stock medal depicting Edinburgh Castle.

[Ref. The MEDAL, No 15, Autumn 1989]

1977 Wiesbaden, GERMANY
26th General Assembly
Congress Medal

1978 Valetta, MALTA
27th General Assembly
Congress Medal

Designed by Louis Osman's. This five-sided medal features a Maltese cross inscribed IAPN in the angles and a representation of the Valetta fort
of St. Angelo on the opposite side.

[Ref. The MEDAL, No. 11, 1987 & No. 15 1989]

1980 Los Angeles, California
29th General Assembly
Congress Medal

For the 1980 General Assembly, a commemorative U.S. dollar issued for the 1976 bicentennial of American Independence was counterstamped as a medal by Mr. Mel Wacks.

This example has been certified
and encapsulated MS60 by ANACS

1981 Marabella, SPAIN
30th General Assembly

and 30th Anniversary Medal

Designed by Fernando Calico,
this impressive large format
gilt-bronze medal measures 60mm
in diameter and weighs 131.55 grams. It was commissions to celebrate
three decades of the Association's commitment to ethical numismatic studies and fair trade practices.

1982 Salzburg, AUSTRIA
31st General Assembly
Congress Medal

Based on the vintage Klippe coins, with Rudbertus and Virgilius on the obverse and a Latin inscription on the reverse which reads:


1983 Francisco Xavier Calico i Rebull
Commemorative Medal

Upon his death, Xavier Calico

(1907-1983) the first vice president
of the Association and its President d'Honneur, was honored by his own

firm with this gilt-bronze
commemorative medal of 50mm in diameter and weighing 90 grams as designed by 
Fernando Calico.

[Ref. Medalla en record de F. Xavier
Calico i Rebull
by Leandre Villaronga
from Institvt d'Estvdis Catalans

1983 Singapore
32nd General Assembly
Congress Souvenir coin set

1983 was the first time the IAPN General Assembly convened in an Asian country.

Coins of the Republic of Singapore.

Honored to be selected for the event venue, Singapore made a special
effort to make this numismatic event memorable by commissioning the Singapore Mint to issue a limited
edition Uncirculated Mint Set packaged especially to commemorate
the 27-31 May 1983
IAPN General Assembly in Singapore.

1984 "Cruise ship" 
33rd General Assembly
Congress Medal

For the 1984 General Assembly, the Association embarked on a cruise ship calling at the Greek Islands and Turkey.

Designed by Fernando Calico,
this gilt-bronze medal has a diameter
of 60mm and a weigth of 110 grams.

1985 Oslo, NORWAY 
34th General Assembly
Congress Medal

Designed by Øivind Hansen
(1925-2005) from 
He was a coin engraver and medallic artist who worked at the Royal Mint designing a number of Norwegian coins and medals.

1986 Kent, U.K. 
35th General Assembly
Congress Medal

Designed by Paul Harrison the Kentish designer and silversmith for the 1986 Weald of Kent Assembly which was intended would be a relaxation in the Garden of England after the C.I.N. Congress in London which many of the participants had attended.

[Ref. The MEDAL, No 15, Autumn 1989]

1987 Jerusalem, ISRAEL 
36th General Assembly
Congress Medal

Designed by
Lili Scheer and Adolfo Eidelstein.
This medal was privately issued for the organization by the Israel Government Coins and Medals Corporations, Ltd. (IGCM).
The reverse features the stone candelabra found in a 2nd century synagogue in Tiberias.


1,000 pieces issued in a
wooden presentation case
with hand-numbered and signed
Certificate of Authenticity.

Weight: 5 ounces, struck in 0.999 fine silver; Dia.: 65mm; Wt.: of 155.55 grams.

1988 Trieste, ITALY 
37th General Assembly
Congress Medal

The medal design for 1988 reproduced the official seal of the city, the Alabarda, a spear against a red background.

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1989 Monaco, MC 
38th General Assembly
Congress Medal

Designed by Paul Lovy, depicting the view of the bay of the Principality of Monaco as seen from Monte Carlo. This medal was truck to the highest standards by the Monnaie de Paris.

1990 Cancun, MEXICO 
39th General Assembly
Congress Medal

The reverse design featured
a reproduction of the famous
Aztec Calendar (Calendario Azteca).

1991 Montreux, Vaud (CH) 
40th General Assembly
Congress Medal

The specifications for the Montreux medal have a diameter of 37 mm and a weight of 25 grams. It was issued with a composition in silver-plated bronze.
[999] / HF

1992 Stockholm, SWEDEN 
41st General Assembly
Congress Medal

The design for Stockholm.

1993 Budapest, HUNGARY 
42nd General Assembly
Congress Medal

The design for Budapest.

1996 Berlin, GERMANY 
45th General Assembly
Congress Medal

The design for Berlin.

2003 München, GERMANY 
52nd General Assembly
Congress Medal

The design for
München (Munich).

2006 Saint Petersburg, RUSSIA 
55th General Assembly
Congress Medal

The design for
Saint Petersburg –
Санкт-Петербург, России.

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