The IAPN is a non-profit organisation of the leading international numismatic firms founded 1951. The objectives of the Association are the development of a healthy and prosperous numismatic trade conducted according to the highest standards of business ethics and commercial practice. 

The Association is established within the terms of points 60 to 72 of the Swiss Civil Code. Its registered office is at P.O.Box, CH-6300 Zug (Switzerland). Further enquiries about the Association may be made to the General Secretary.

General Secretary:

Jean-Luc Van der Schueren
14, Rue de la Bourse, BE-1000 Bruxelles (Belgien)
Tel.: +32-2-513 3400
e-Mail: secretary@iapn-coins.org


IAPN ONLINE CONGRESS 2021 SUMMARY Usually, the International Association of Professional Numismatists organizes its General Assembly every year in a different country in the world, but last year because of the pandemic we resolved to cancel the General Assembly scheduled for Marseille in 2020. As the year 2021 has echoed the year 2020, with the […] more »

[Canceled] IAPN Congress May 28-31, 2020. MARSEILLE, France.

The General Assembly of the IAPN 2020 will take place in the city of Marseille, from Thursday May 28th to Sunday May 31st, 2020. more »

Over 100 auctions coming up soon

More than 100 auctions coming up world wide, from ancients to modern coins. Visit our Calendar to see our member firms upcoming auctions ... more »