• The International Bureau for the Suppression of Counterfeit Coins (IBSCC) 

    The IBSCC was established by the International Association of Professional Numismatists (IAPN) to fight against forgeries in every field of numismatics and against their dispersal into the numismatic market.

    The IBSCC is controlled and ruled by the Anti Forgery Committee (AFC), a sub-committee of the IAPN. The AFC rules and controls the work of the IBSCC and together they fight against all types of forgeries of coins and medals.

  • IBSCC President, Mr. Eric McFadden.
  • IBSCC Secretary, Ms. Caroline Holmes. 

What does the IBSCC do?

  • Since members of the IAPN guarantee the authenticity of all of the coins they sell, the most important task of the IBSCC is to detect any new fakes appearing on the numismatic market and to immediately inform our members about them.

    For that reason we maintain an Early Warning System which alerts IAPN members about new fakes found in the market within a few hours. The IBSCC also maintains an archive where a large number of known fakes are published. 

    The IBSCC also issues Certificates of Authenticity about coins which are submitted. 

The IAPN General Secretary57, rue Grimaldi, 98000 MONACO. | +377 93 25 12 96 | secretary@iapn-coins.org

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