IAPN at MADrid 2024 Evento Numismatico

2024-06-28 20:30 | IAPN Webmaster (Administrator)

This week numerous IAPN Members have taken part in the inaugural coin fair, MADrid 2024 - Evento Numsimatico being held in Madrid, SPAIN.

On the morning of the first day of the event, collectors and dealers waited patiently in a long queue to be the first to enter the bourse area of the newest event on the numismatic calendar.

The IAPN's Executive Director, Peter K. Tompa was at Table #1 just inside the bourse representing the Association and greeting attendees curious to explore the new event.

Around the bourse at MADrid 2024 - Evento Numismatico:

MADrid 2024 is the inaugural coin fair being held in Madrid that seeks to establish itself as a meeting point between dealers, collectors, institutions and academics at an international level. 

The first gathering will be held between 27 - 30 June, 2024.  

MADrid 2024 will feature an auction by Jesús Vico on the 27th of June and a numismatic convention on 28-29 June at the Four Seasons in the center of the city of Madrid. During the coin fair there will also be, in parallel, institutional and scientific lectures.

MADrid 2024 Official website: https://eventonumismatico.es

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