• The International Bureau for the Suppression of Counterfeit Coins (IBSCC) was established by the International Association of Professional Numismatists (IAPN) to fight against forgeries in every field of numismatics and against their dispersal into the numismatic market. It is controlled and ruled by the Anti Forgery Committee (AFC), a sub-committee of the IAPN. The AFC rules and controls the work of the IBSCC and together they fight against all types of forgeries of coins and medals.
  • The IBSCC President is Mr. Eric McFadden.
  • The IBSCC Secretary is Mr. Joseph Lang.


  • Since the members of the IAPN guarantee the authenticity of all the coins they sell, the most important task of the IBSCC is to detect any new fakes appearing on the numismatic market and to immediately inform our members about them.
  • For that reason we maintain an Early Warning System which alerts IAPN members about new fakes found in the market within a few hours. The IBSCC also maintains an archive where a large number of known fakes are published.
  • The IBSCC also issues Certificates of Authenticity about coins which are submitted.


  • Every member of the IAPN has the right to get an expert evaluation for two coins per year, free of charge. Any further evaluations costs 200€ each.
  • Contact the IBSCC-Secretary to enquire about submitting dubious coins.
  • Please note, however, that it is not possible to predict how long it will take the IBSCC’s experts to come to a decision. In some cases the process can be handled quickly, but in others long and costly research may be necessary.
  • Our decisions are made on the basis of the knowledge and experience of more than a hundred numismatic experts, who work voluntarily for the IBSCC. If you have the skills and knowledge which qualify you as an expert, and would like to place those abilities at the disposal of the IBSCC, please contact the secretary.
  • IBSCC-Secretary:
    Mr. Joseph Lang
    P.O. Box 7386, Santa Rosa, CA 95407 (USA)
    [email protected]

Internet Archive of Fake Coins

  • Use of the IBSCC Internet Archive of Fake Coins, is only available to IAPN members and associated partners.