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Alert: Stolen banknotes from Filanumis Coin and Banknote show (Utrecht-Houten, the Netherlands)

2024-04-20 18:00 | IAPN Webmaster (Administrator)
We regret to inform you of an incident that occurred during the recent 13th Collection Fair, FILANUMIS 2024 Expo Houten, The Netherlands (Utrecht-Houten) on the 20th of April.

Our colleague, Hans Jongeling of Jongeling Numismatics & Ancient Art, has reported that 35 banknotes were stolen from his collection.

Please find here a list of the stolen banknotes

If offered any items matching these descriptions or if you have any information that could lead to the recovery of any or all of these pieces, please immediately contact Mr. Jongeling or the IAPN General Secretary.

NOTE: Use the Search field on the IAPN website to quickly look for banknote serial numbers, certification numbers, and other keywords.
228801402, 4423736142, 9XZ 067890, 5BT061194, 4982605974, 4337437041, 9XZ 012345, 9XZ 012345, 1AA000000, CJP103431, ME05105, 76311 GR 09327, MV 06214, HC 05263, HC 05264, KO 003016, CR 349541A, BE 182246BC, AA/18 546100, A/1 000000, LC 054187, KA 034585, KB 027445, XZ 012345, HA 047167, AO 035701, AA000000, G/2 000000, L 00000, OO 000000, 9006853887, H0123450, H0678910, 4030755300, 2091556-004

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